Luxurious relaxing full body and face
treatments: full body lymphodraining massage
with rose oil, face cleansing with cleaning oil
and herb extract. Mask of champagne yeast
refreshes and purifies the skin. Treatments
helps to relax muscles and nervous system as
well as harmonizes emotions.

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Strong and sports-kind classic whole body massage. This massage is performed according to the clients’ needs and possible disorders. It could be more active or softer. It could also be more focusing on certain body parts – i.e. legs,back or problematic zones. This is a gently strong and deep-effect massage. 
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Individual anti-stress whole body massage with ethereal oils. Gently strong,light and deep massage moves and ethereal oils quickly relax overworked muscles and nervous system in case of physical fatigue and increased irritability. This massage helps removing nervous tension and inhibits stress effects,helps overcoming depression,stabilizes emotional condition and brings back the feeling of self-confidence. 
 Massages     For women     For men    

It is an exclusive rejuvenating treatment. The technique of this procedure and applied products smooth out the surface of your skin and deep wrinkles,the skin becomes softer and more radiant. During the procedure,for a special osteopathic facial massage,sea products with marine plankton and Mori orchid extracts created by using biotechnology are used. For deeper relaxation,during the procedure, foot or back massage as well as self-warming mud mask are performed. For this treatment PHYTOMER cosmetic products are used.

Procedure duration - 60 min. Massage duration - 50 min: facial massage - 35 min,back or feet massage -15 min.

 For women     For pregnant    

Skin tightening body scrub with anti-age foamy
papaya and pineapple salt. Application of tightening
and anti-age papaya and pineapple body balsam
results in an instant skin refreshment, it energizes,
softens dry, coarse spots, stimulates blood
circulation, rejuvenates skin and makes it as soft
as silk. The intoxicating smell of papaya-pineapple
extract products will enable the experience of an
extremely pleasant relaxation during this procedure.

 Massages     For women     For men    

During very flavorful treatments the dead skin
cells and impurities are removed, epidermis receives
cleansing, negative ions are relaxed. Your skin is
energized; it becomes as soft and delicate as silk.
Contrary to other SPA scrub products, salt with
papaya and pineapple is a holistic product that
restores a healthy and live skin due to a powerful
relaxation of negative ions. After the scrub, your
body will receive the application of papaya and
pineapple balm.

 Massages     For women     For men    
It is a new,anti-age treatment providing visible and instant results guaranteed by the latest natural ingredients (collagen polypeptide serum) and their passing of the product to skin system. It gives a rejuvenating effect. Balanced combination of products gives elasticity,tightens flabby and wrinkled skin. Moisturizes dry,oily and combination skin. Renews irritated,flaky and damaged skin. Energizes matured,tired skin. Masks are also chosen according to your skin type and condition. 
 For women     For pregnant    
Energising body exfoliation, particularly pleasant, refreshing, powerful anti-aging wrap, application of tightening Tropicale line cream alongside with head massage gives fast relaxation. During the procedure the skin gets deeply nourished and rejuvenated, roughness and wrinkles of body skin are reduced. This nourishing treatment is recommended for early ageing for all skin types.
 For women     For men    
Deeply relaxative neck, shoulder, head and facial massage matched with facial treatment relieves stress, relaxes and in company with products chosen for face - moisturizes, nourishes smoothes out facial skin as well.
 For women     For men     For pregnant    
Combining full body exfoliation, mud wrap, facial massage, facial mask, head massage, full body balm massaging. The procedure by applying Tropicaleproducts for body and face is intended for anti-aging of body skin, improves the results of smoothing out of facial wrinkles.
 For women     For men